Guide to the Marriott Guest Room TV Interface

Here you'll find an introduction to our in-room entertainment user interface(UI) as well as the next steps for your property. 


Theme Development Process

Assets must be delivered to the Enseo marketing team in order for the development process to begin. Content provided to Enseo will be used to create the theme and on-screen hotel directory.

Once property assets have been delivered to the Enseo marketing team, our designers will begin development of the theme, on-screen hotel directory and other contracted features.

Review & Approval
Each property will have an edits and approval process allowing for any edits or changes that may need to be made prior to the final approved directory being published to the property. 

Final approval of the on-screen hotel directory will move the theme into testing. Testing ensures every component of the user interface is fully operational prior to being live onsite.


After your theme has successfully passed testing, our tech team will remotely publish it to your property with little to no interuption to your guests. Yay!

Theme Overview

Next Steps


STEP ONE - Complete the Directory Content Form

  • Text Content
    • Follow the "Directory Content Form" button below to access your brand's directory template form. Notify your marketing contact once form has been submitted.

STEP TWO - Deliver the Directory Images

  • High Resolution Images
    • JPEG, PNG or TIFF format accepted
    • 2MB or higher at 300 dpi
    • 900 x 500 pixels (at minimum)
    • Images can be delivered through any online storage sharing website such as DropBox or WeTransfer. Personally recommend WeTransfer.
    • Stock photography available upon request

Hotel directory assets must be delivered through an online storage sharing site to your Enseo marketing contact. 

We highly recommend using the following:

*Please be sure to include your full property name, email address and property contact name with your assets when sending to ensure delivery of assets. 


The content of the on-screen directory. Development of the hotel directory cannot begin until all assets have been delivered to the Enseo Marketing team.

The hotel directory development process typically takes 3-4 weeks (or less) depending on the delivery of the assets, editing approval process and the status of the testing queue. Reliable communication and prompt response plays a vital role in the ability to deliver in this time frame.

Change Request Fees
Any change requests to the theme and/or directory after final approval and directory have been published to the property, are subject to a change fee of $450 which includes one hour for design work and one hour for testing and publishing to the property.


Contact Information

Questions regarding your user interface, please contact your Enseo marketing representative.

Questions regarding your contract, the purchasing of new features, invoicing and pricing, please email to contact our Enseo account management team.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a theme?

A theme is the overall branded user interface. It consists of the welcome screen, channel guide, streaming apps and the on-screen hotel directory as well as other features purchased by your property.

What do I do after I deliver the assets?

After you receive confirmation that we have received all the assets, we’ll begin development of your theme and directory. Screenshots of your property directory will be provided for your review and final approval, before moving into testing.

After approval, how fast will the theme be pushed to the TVs?

Once the screenshots are approved, we’ll submit the theme to internal testing and the theme should be onsite within 5-7 business days.

Why do I need high resolution images?

Low resolution images will appear very pixelated and blurry from a TV in your guest's room. As we want the highest of quality for your property and your guest, we request that all images be high resolution with a minimum of 2MB at 300 dpi, and in a JPEG, PNG or TIFF format.

Please note: if an image does not fit the quality standard, our team will notify you.

Will I be able to review/approve the on-screen hotel directory before it launches on property?

Yes. Every property will have an opportunity to review and make edits to their on-screen hotel directory prior to publication.

Can I make changes to our hotel directory?

Every property will have an opportunity to review and make changes to their property's theme prior to publishing live to the property. Any change requests after the final approved theme has been published are subject to a change fee of $450, which includes one hour for design work and one hour for testing and publishing to the property. Work exceeding two hours is $150 per additional hour.

What are House Channels?

A House Channel is a channel within the guide that can play video(s) on loop. The videos can be promotional videos, brand videos, or property-specific or seasonal videos. The video can stream to any screen within the UI such as the Welcome Screen, Hotel Directory, etc. Ask your marketing contact today if you’re looking to add videos.

Can I add Dining Menus to the directory and do they count as a page?

Depending on your property's Guest Room Entertainment brand standards, Food & Beverage menus may be added as well as Spa Services, Room Service and more. Each menu screen counts as a Hotel Directory page. If you’re interested in adding menus, please speak with your marketing contact. Additional hotel directory pages may also be available for purchase.

Can I add more pages to our properties on-screen hotel directory?

Additional pages may be purchased at any time for $450 per page (or $1,800 per 5 pages). Please contact your marketing contact for more information.

Who do I contact if…?

We hope to provide you with helpful information to make your Enseo Experience a positive one. Below are contacts that will best assist you, however you're welcome to reach out to our marketing team with any questions you may have.

I have questions regarding the theme and/or on-screen hotel directory:
Please email your Enseo marketing contact or email

I want to purchase additional features or services:

I'm having TV related issues:
Your Hotel IT or Engineering department can contact the Enseo 24/7 Call Center.

Who do I contact about the Marriott Guest Room Entertainment standards?

Please send all questions and concerns regarding your Guest Room Entertainment standards to

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