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Who is Enseo?

For more than twelve years, Enseo has been known as the backbone of hospitality in-room entertainment. The company’s superior products, including set-back boxes and applications, are preferred by the world’s largest hotel groups worldwide.

 Now, Enseo is more than your hardware provider.  
We are a full-service integrator and re-seller of Dish content.

Enseo is your one-stop-shop for all in-room entertainment needs.

What does that mean for hotels?

From installation, to services, and support, Enseo provides the complete in-room entertainment solution.

  • Customizable Dish FTG Channel Packages
  • Enseo Entertainment Experience (E3®):
  • Hotel Branded Welcome Page
  • Hotel Branded Interactive Program Guide
  • Hotel Branded Channel 

Additional Benefits

  • Cloud-Based Management
  • IPG over Coax
  • Over-the-Top (OTT) Applications
  • In-Room Controls
  • Housekeeping & Operational Efficiencies
  • On-Screen Weather
  • Installation Guides

The Right Price

Enseo provides various pricing models to fit your specific needs. Fill out a questionnaire for a bid today! 

  •  Op-Ex Model (Low monthly rate per room)
  • Cap-Ex Model

What is different about Enseo?

Enseo brings innovation. It’s not technology for the sake of technology, but technology for the sake of every hotel. Enseo brings features that make a difference in the guest experience. 

  • Interactive Program Guide (IPG) over Coax
  • Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Opportunities for Increased RevPAR
  • Custom Hotel Messages

 Reclaim your guest room with Enseo!

Why should you choose Enseo?

Enseo listens to hoteliers. We provide your guests with an experience they not only expect, but demand, while allowing hoteliers to take back control of their screens with branded messages.

  • Best Guest Experience
  • Easy-to-Manage Brand Consistency
  • Improved Operations & Increased Efficiency

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