Enseo is hospitality's fastest growing technology services provider.

We are the single source for equipment, installation, content, managed services, and support.

As the at-home HDTV experience continues to improve, it's imperative that hotels offer reliable services with cutting-edge technology in order to meet guests' expectations. Enseo's hospitality solutions provide a high-quality and user friendly
in-room HDTV experience.

Hotel Offerings

Enseo listens to hotels – we know what is needed, and what is expected. Beyond standard integration that only includes content, Enseo delivers solutions that bring convenient features to guests, incorporate hotel branding, and
improve operational efficiencies.

Hotels have come to expect more than the norm. Innovation, reliability, and operational efficiency are demanded, and Enseo is here
to deliver on those demands. 

With the Enseo platform, hotels provide guests with a better overall experience and have more control over the in-room entertainment solution. Invest in Enseo infrastructure for the lowest TCO and long-term flexibility. 

Enseo is the innovation beyond integration.

Free-To-Guest Content


Enseo is a Dish Network® systems integrator. Enseo’s content offerings include fully-customizable HD channel lineups from Dish Network. If satellite service is not an option due to physical constraints, Enseo can also provide alternative options. 

Over-The-Top Applications

Enseo offers the hospitality industry’s first Over-The-Top content and entertainment solution whereby guests can access their personal streaming video and audio accounts directly from the hotel in-room TV.  Enseo distributes content to hotel rooms including Netflix®, Hulu®, YouTube®, Pandora®, Crackle®, and more.

Hotel Branding

Enseo enables hotels to reclaim guest-room TVs by controlling the message on screen. The Enseo Entertainment Experience (E3®) offers a custom-branded Welcome Page, Channel Banner, and Interactive Program Guide with licensed guide data for all North American content providers.

Promote advertising campaigns and marketing messages on screen by utilizing the guest room TV for custom branding. Many ad dollars have been spent on extensive campaigns, so increase message impressions by showing those campaigns in the guest room. The guest room TV should be a hotel’s opportunity to improve guest familiarity with a brand.

With Enseo, combine videos, photos, graphics, text and more for a truly unique in-room entertainment experience. Enseo collaborates with your marketing team to ensure the TV screen accurately reflects the brand.


The following equipment is included in Enseo’s in-room entertainment solution:

Satellite Dish
Satellite Head End
Enseo Set-Top / Set-Back Boxes
Enseo Galileo Server

The Enseo platform can deliver HD content in any hotel environment due to its compatibility. All Enseo set-back boxes (SBBs) support Pro:Idiom®, Verimatrix™, and CableCARD® decryption, are compatible with IP and coax infrastructure, and provide TV support for more than 450 displays.


Comprehensive Site Survey
Installation Services
MATV Upgrades, if required

After years of involvement with in-room entertainment installations all over the world, Enseo understands what hoteliers need – simplicity and success. The more efficient the install, the less interruption to business. With that in mind, the Enseo solution includes cloud-based management tools to provide in-room diagnostics as soon as equipment is powered on.

Managed Services

Enseo’s cloud-based management means there is remote monitoring of every guest room on property. Track the health and status of your guest-room entertainment system, upgrade set-back box firmware, change the look and feel of on-screen graphics, or gather analytics of guest-room
behavior – all remotely.


Enseo provides automated monitoring and telephone support. Enseo Customer Support Centers will often notify a property before a problem is recognized in a guest room, and if needed, will provide trained technicians to assist with escalated problems.

Advanced Features

  • Bluetooth® Connectivity: Guests can listen to their own music through the guest-room TV by connecting Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Sustainability: Remotely manage energy consumption with in-room controls, or allow guests to manage the room through the TV
  • Operational Efficiency: Direct housekeeping staff and report problems in the guest room through the cloud 
  • Smart Device Remote: Turn personal smart devices into guest-room TV remotes with the use of a QR code 
  • Weather: Highlight weather on the TV screen without interrupting content