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Set-Top/Set-Back Boxes

A core infrastructure component for in-room entertainment, Enseo’s line of set-top boxes is preferred by the world’s largest hotel groups. All set-top boxes include an imbedded platform for better performance and speed, are capable of Pro:Idiom® and Verimatrix™ decryption, and have integrated control display for more than 400 commercial and hospitality displays.

Digital Media Players

Enseo's Cassini family of digital media players consistently delivers performance and functionality. With a powerful embedded platform, Enseo's store and forward media players are capable of IP streaming and RF tuning, and support high definition content. Used in more than 50,000 retail, hospitality, banking and cinema locations, Enseo's digital media players are an ideal platform for digital signage needs.

Galileo Server

Enseo's Galileo server is an advanced management and configuration tool that supports in-room technology. This small-format, head-end server can provide complete remote management, easing the management burden for hoteliers. With Galileo, Enseo set-top boxes in guest rooms can be updated for firmware and configuration (cloned) from the head-end, without a costly room visit or disruption to the guest. This is doable over coax only infrastructure, so there is no additional cabling cost in existing properties. Enseo's Galileo allows an entire hotel, no matter how large, to be updated within minutes.


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